Current position:
Shenzhen Maihe Biotechnology Co., Limited (MAIHE),is located in Shenzhen, the most famous and advaced city, focusing on production and distribution of biologicals, raw materials of high quality, and health products in China, and technological service in pharmaceutical inducstry. All the managers and engineers are experts in the fields of biochemistry, chemistry, or pharmaceuticals. 
Now we are one of the biggest manufacturers for NR, NMN, NAD and NADH. 
We have been producing these kinds of producst or technological service for more than 4 years. MAIHE is always paying much attention to quality assurance and quality control. Its products and technology are widely and safely used in many countries, and have good effect.
MAIHE is now cooperating with many distributors, pharmaceutical factories, institutes and labortories.
You are welcome to visit our website and to contact us. We will reply all of your emails within 24 hours​